• Massimo Banzi: Maker Faire Rome is back!
  • #MFR15: from makers to makers, with love
The Science is taking wing!
Raymond Wang, from Vancouver (Canada), received the Gordon E. Moore Award of US$75,000 at Intel ISEF 2015 for engineering a new air inlet system - called "Aircraft Cabin Airflow: Curbing Disease Transmission" - for airplane cabins to improve air quality and curb disease transmission.
Massimo Banzi: Maker Faire Rome is back!
Massimo Banzi reminds us the 3rd Edition of Maker Faire Rome (Oct 16th - 18th). The Call4Makers is open and we're waiting for your projects.
#MFR15: from makers to makers, with love
At Maker Faire Rome - the European edition, we take innovation very seriously. Maker Faire Rome is fully co-designed together with the makers community, to make sure all needs and desires are obeyed. The upcoming 2015 edition will surprise you in every aspect, starting from the location!
The importance of being a FabLab
In the beginning were FabLabs (and makerspaces, and hackerspaces) that gather people boasting the most diverse backgrounds, and made the most out of it. FabLabs lead the #makers revolution: their founders are, rather often, pioneers of the digital fabrication who wants to pass their legacy onto other soon-to-be makers so to create a nurting, self-sustainable innovation environment and to grow local innovation ecosystems.
Meet the parents!
Meet the protagonists of Maker Faire Rome: young makers, and their parents. Filippo Miserocchi, 16 years-old maker and scientist, is passionate about Arduino, 3dprinting, coding and everything in the making. […]
From Rome to Shenzhen: building bridges for innovation
by Alessandro Ranellucci  In China there is a place that is considered a paradise for makers, the technology capital of the East and the production heart of the consumer technology […]