• #MFR tickets with a 50% off
  • The 1st SLA 3D Printed Violin #MFR15
  • FDA Approves the First 3D Printed Drug
OpenQCM: measure as little as you want!
OpenQCM is a user-friendly scientific sensitive mass sensor capable of measuring phenomena at molecular scale and weighing mass down to 1 billionth of gram. When an object is placed on the sensor’s surface, the fluctuations in the crystal’s resonant frequency are detected and used to determine its mass in a variety of experimental conditions.
#MFR tickets with a 50% off
Here we are: Maker Faire Rome is coming! Make your best deal and get a 50% of discount by subscribing our newsletter! Thousands inventions, hundreds workshops and the coolest "Kids Area” never ever seen before and the brand new # Music and #Drones Areas
The 1st SLA 3D Printed Violin #MFR15
It 's official: the first electric 3D printed violin, will be playing at Maker Faire Rome!
FDA Approves the First 3D Printed Drug
3D printed medicines that melt in your mouth, not in your hand are now on the market. Soon, 3D printed pharmaceuticals could lead to extreme personalization of medications by 3D printing exact doses for patients.
Fab 11 The Maker’s Summer!
Fab11 is : conferences, hands-on fabrication workshops, talks and also an incredibile opportunity for makers and those who want to join the "digital World" to discover, innovate and making the future.
Hack away and create!
Hack away and create! Your old computer can be a real treasure chest: here's an amazing experiment which shows you how to build a Drowbot by using two CD dirves a Rasperry Pi.