• Innovation: how to get it right and how to make it real
  • Let’s “make” a beer!
  • #Make4Good: Genzyme at Maker Faire Rome
Innovation: how to get it right and how to make it real
At Maker Faire Rome IXL Center will be holding a strategic event that anyone eager to boost his/her innovation potential shouldn’t miss. It is scheduled on Saturday 17th, and you can start saving the date for this amazing opportunities: featuring speeches from Massimo Andriolo and Alberto Luna, principals at IXL Center, the event is split in two parts: a speech + Q&A; a workshop including team work, pitching and Q&A sessions.
Let’s “make” a beer!
Home brewing is the new black: introducing Open ArdBir, the open source, Arduino powered platform for home brewers. Come and see it at Maker Faire Rome, Oct 16-18.
#Make4Good: Genzyme at Maker Faire Rome
How to improve quality of life for cronic diseases patients? By having them meeting the #makers community. Genzyme is at #MFR15 to scout tech solutions: #wearables, #IoT, robotics... you make it, they enjoy it!
#MFR15 Opening Conference
Save the date! "Life with the Machines" is this year's Maker Faire Rome Opening Conference theme and it will be THE Conference! Make sure to join world's leading minds and share with them your vision of the future: see you on October 16 in Rome!
#MakerFaireRome Leaks…
Don't miss out this year's amazing speakers! besides technical talks and workshops, MFR15 will feature over 100 inspiring speakers including the world’s leading founders, investors, CEOs, inventors, designers, makers and thinkers.
MFR15 loves students!
More than 15.000 students of italian and international schools and university have already registered to the Educational Day. They will be the firsts to visit the Faire and its 600 projects: an amazing occasion to learn about the technologies behind them.