• #MFR15 Opening Conference
  • #MakerFaireRome Leaks…
  • MFR15 loves students!
#MFR15 Opening Conference
Save the date! "Life with the Machines" is this year's Maker Faire Rome Opening Conference theme and it will be THE Conference! Make sure to join world's leading minds and share with them your vision of the future: see you on October 16 in Rome!
#MakerFaireRome Leaks…
Don't miss out this year's amazing speakers! besides technical talks and workshops, MFR15 will feature over 100 inspiring speakers including the world’s leading founders, investors, CEOs, inventors, designers, makers and thinkers.
MFR15 loves students!
More than 15.000 students of italian and international schools and university have already registered to the Educational Day. They will be the firsts to visit the Faire and its 600 projects: an amazing occasion to learn about the technologies behind them.
Makers go bananas, too!
Ever thought of banana leaves as a "raw material"? You will be amazed to discover how many objects are manufactured out of them. This brilliant, eco-friendly project will make life easier for many in South East Asia.
Meet the Innovator: FILO
Does it happen to you to lose your keys when you are just about leaving the house, or your phone right when you would need it? The solution is FILO,a small Bluetooth tracker - a tiny TAG - ready to be attached to your valuables.
The sound of Maker Faire Rome: feel the beat!
Maker Faire Rome will host, for the very first time, “Maker Music" music section born out a collaboration with #Sugarmusic, the indipendent label behind many world reknown italian artists. The aim is to explore what can be generated by mixing classical instruments with computers and latest technologies.