• Meet the parents!
  • From Rome to Shenzhen: building bridges for innovation
Meet the parents!
Meet the protagonists of Maker Faire Rome: young makers, and their parents. Filippo Miserocchi, 16 years-old maker and scientist, is passionate about Arduino, 3dprinting, coding and everything in the making. […]
From Rome to Shenzhen: building bridges for innovation
by Alessandro Ranellucci  In China there is a place that is considered a paradise for makers, the technology capital of the East and the production heart of the consumer technology […]
Meet the Innovator – Odo Fioravanti
Odo Fioravanti studied Industrial Design at the Design Department of the Milan Polytechnic. In 2011 he won the XXII Compasso d'Oro Prize ADI with the Frida wooden chair by Pedrali.
A little bionic
Italy is at the cutting edge of 3D printing for the medical sector (orthopaedics, orthodontics, the dental sector, plastic surgery). By 2027 , the technology could be advanced enough for our natural eyes to be overtaken by artificial models providing levels of accuracy and precision
Meet the Innovator – Barbara Caputo
Barbara Caputo is Associate Professor at the Department of Computer, Control, and Management Engineering  Antonio Ruberti at Sapienza University of Rome, since 2013 where she leads the Visual Learning and Multimodal […]
Would you wear it?
3D Printing Hits The Fashion World The Milan Design Week has never been so devoted to technology as it was this year. No wonder footwear – always a playground for artist, […]