• Magic ballet slippers, by Arduino!
  • Codemotion Milano is back!
  • Crowdfunding is the new black…
Magic ballet slippers, by Arduino!
E-Traces is an ingenious piece of wearable electronics which is just what is needed to make the most out of a ballet experience. Powered by Arduino, of course.
Codemotion Milano is back!
Held in Milan, the event is expected to draw more than 2000 attendees for over 100 talks delivered by some of the best speaker across Europe.
Crowdfunding is the new black…
Following the presentation - right at Maker Faire Rome - of #Unite4Heritage, promoted by the Italian Government in collaboration with Unesco, another brilliant initiave pops up: LoveItaly!
A sincere thanks to everyone who made this event such a success!
Made in Rome – How to remake the eternal city
New venue, Ex Dogana! "Made in Rome - How to Remake the Eternal City" moves to Ex Dogana. See you all there on Oct 15th at 18.00
Keys to Crowdsourcing Innovation Initiatives
Following a previous post - which provided examples on how different companies have leveraged crowdsourcing in solving various challenges -, we are now offering insight of crowdsourcing innovation initiatives.