• FDA Approves the First 3D Printed Drug
  • Fab 11 The Maker’s Summer!
  • Hack away and create!
FDA Approves the First 3D Printed Drug
3D printed medicines that melt in your mouth, not in your hand are now on the market. Soon, 3D printed pharmaceuticals could lead to extreme personalization of medications by 3D printing exact doses for patients.
Fab 11 The Maker’s Summer!
Fab11 is : conferences, hands-on fabrication workshops, talks and also an incredibile opportunity for makers and those who want to join the "digital World" to discover, innovate and making the future.
Hack away and create!
Hack away and create! Your old computer can be a real treasure chest: here's an amazing experiment which shows you how to build a Drowbot by using two CD dirves a Rasperry Pi.
Meet the Innovator – Alessandro Zambelli
Alessandro Zambelli is an industrial design who lives and works in Mantua, Italy. He is a co-founder of Padiglioneitalia, a designers’ collective which seeks to present the specifics of the Italian design scene.
DIY: The Sunscreen Experiment
Kids and teens don't like sunscreen on their body but when the sun beats so hot all of us have to protect our skin. Here's an interesting DIY experiment that shows "the power" of sunscreen.
Henn-na: first world’s robot hotel
A new hotel in south-west Japan has just opended and its robot staff are ready to welcome guests with a passion for technology. Introducing Henn-na, the world's first robot hotel. Spooky, scary or just extremely comfortable?