Back to school! What will be the snack of the future?

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What if the food of the future came from schools themselves? Check out the snack made from insects that may soon become your everyday nibble!


Are you hungry? Here’s Livin Farms Hive, the world’s first desktop hive for edible insects!

The start of a new school year means thinking about how to stay healthy and well fed during long hours spent studying and socializing, and the market is full of snacks that claim to be the best source of brain food for young minds. There is no shortage of options for students and new trends are constantly appearing, from recycled bars made from unused food scraps to vegan yogurt to crispy cricket snacks. What was that? Crickets? Yes, crickets! And guess what, they’re delicious!

The benefits of bugs have been known for some time, and it seems that the public is finally starting to squash their squeamishness and give it a chance. This is great news for many reasons: edible insects are not only rich in protein and Omega 3, they do not contain cholesterol. Because they are genetically farther from humans than most mammals and birds, there is much less risk of cross contamination. Plus, insects are nearly 80% protein and do not need water, which minimizes waste production. These health and environmental benefits make insects an interesting proposition for the future of food.

The US West coast is home to a slew of insect based companies already exploring this emerging market. Don Bugito produces flavoured insects that are packaged like potato chips and make a great on-the-go snack. Bitty offers a range of cricket and locust flour for baking as well as ready-made cricket cookies. In London, Grub sells roasted cricket bars along with insect based ingredients for a range of dishes. The Italian team of Crické instead is testing and developing in the city a prototype of Crikkelle, crackers made from insect-based flour.


There are no chips inside but delicious flavoured insects: a great snack on – the – go produced by Don Bugito

For those who want to try raising edible insects, there are a wide range of projects to check out, some of which have been in development for nearly a decade. In 2009, Monica Martinez designed a large scale edible insect farm as a utopian proposal for urban farming. More recently Katharina Unger, founder of Livin Farms Hive, has expanded this idea to build the world’s first desktop hive for edible insects.

If you’ve already made the move to insect food, or you’re interested in developing an innovative proposal for a sustainable snack with your school, click the link to find out how you can present your idea at the Maker Faire Rome – The European Edtion 4.0. The Call for Schools is open until Oct.20!


The new delicious crakers made from insect – based flavour: Crikkelle, produced by Crické, an italian Company based in London.

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