Call for Big Bang Projects

NOTE: this is not the Call for Makers.
The Call for Big Bang Projects ended on April 28. We received over 100 proposals. 
If you missed the deadline but you want to submit your proposal you can still try to do it. We will take it into consideration if there is still availability of spaces and budget (see the FAQ below).


Make your Mark at Maker Faire Rome!

This year there’s something new, we are building Maker Faire Rome together, not just in terms of content but also in terms of its major attractions. In addiction of the Call for Makers, where makers can submit their own projects, we would also like to receive proposals from those wishing to help us make this event unforgettable.

You can submit your ideas, which may be presented in the Fiera di Roma exhibition area, for the following:

  • large-scale projects;
  • highly interactive projects involving the public;
  • setups/attractions with high visual impact suitable for giving character to event spaces (pavilions, outdoor walkways, entrances and access areas, etc.);
  • areas for interactive activities (walkways, aviaries, stages, workshops, etc.);
  • topical exhibits and informative displays.

All in maker style in line with Maker Faire Rome themes (see the FAQ below).

Projects involving installations and performances, to be set up in the area (outside the exhibition area) to promote Maker Faire Rome will also be given consideration.

Applicants must be able to produce and supply the projects they present, if selected, according to the terms and conditions agreed on a case-by-case basis with the organisers. Submissions must also be accompanied by a cost estimate, which costs in part could be paid by the Maker Faire Rome organisers following the procedures of Asset Camera Special Agency or by one of its Partners. Targeted crowdfunding campaigns may also be started and supported under agreement with the applicants and as a supplement to the available resources.

The organisers and officials will announce the outcome of their assessment by May 16, contacting the applicants and inviting them if chosen to submit a detailed plan, establishing times, costs and implementation procedure.

Projects not selected may be resubmitted to the Call for Makers in order to be presented at the Faire using their own resources.

Help us get the word out! For additional information, please contact

Guidelines for submitting proposals

Proposals are to be submitted by filling in the appropriate form that placed in the Exhibitors Area:

The form asks for the following information:

  • applicant’s personal and contact information
  • description of the applicant (business, people, previous experiences with similar projects, setups or supplies)
  • project title (even temporary)
  • description of the proposal (content, aspect, technical implementation, dimensions, indoor/outdoor location, requirements)
  • status of the proposed project (already completed, partially completed, idea to be realised)
  • description of the project’s philosophy and why it would fit well in Maker Faire Rome
  • total cost of the installation
  • possible economic support requested of the organisers of Maker Faire Rome
  • brief description of the expense items justifying the request for economic support
  • at least one image (drawing, rendering)

Selected projects will then be required to submit more detailed information regarding the technical characteristics, implementation procedure, safety aspects, completion times, cost breakdown, etc.


FAQ (read carefully)

* How many proposals will be selected?

There is no set number: it will depend on the quality of the projects submitted and their relevance as determined by the organisers, at their sole discretion, and by the available budget.

* What criteria are used for the selection?

We are expecting projects from makers, preferably those born into artisanal contexts or maker spaces, but in any event driven by a passion for creativity and ingenuity. Preference will be given to large-scale projects capable of filling and dominating the vast indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces planned for the 2016 edition at the Fiera di Roma.

Projects that enhance the event in at least one of the following aspects will be viewed positively: visual impact, dominance of the space, entertainment for adult and child audiences, scientific/technological dissemination, interactivity, participation, celebration of ingenuity and creativity. Any idea is welcome so long as it contributes to making Maker Faire Rome 2016 a memorable event and encourages dissemination in the social media by the public.

Project costs and the applicant’s ability to bear some of the expenses, in addition to whatever share is borne by Maker Faire Rome.

The clarity, feasibility and specificity of the proposals will also be determining factors. Organisers may, at their discretion, ask applicants to provide clarifications.

* Is it possible to modify or add to a project after it has been submitted?

Yes. Selected projects will have to be examined in detail in a second phase and ultimately agreed and discussed with the organisers of Maker Faire Rome.

* Is it possible to submit a proposal after April 28?

The organisers reserve the right to assess and accept proposals received at any later date, but given the event’s organisational complexity and necessary technical times, they do not guarantee that they will consider them. The organisers further reserve the right to choose projects that meet the indicated criteria even if not submitted as a response to this call.

* Is it possible to submit more than one proposal?

Of course.

* Is it possible to involve direct sponsors to co-finance the project?

Yes, but this must be clearly stated in the proposal, and the theme will be examined by the organisers.

* The selected projects may participate to other “call/awards” organized as part of the Maker Faire Rome?

The selected projects will compete for awards may only be allocated by Sponsor, but not the assignment of awards and established official assigned by Asset Camera.

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