Call for Makers

Note: the Call for Makers has a new deadline! Submit your project by June 30, 2016!

Please read the regulation and send your application for an exhibit, a presentation, a workshop or a performance.

We particularly encourage interactive, entertaining, innovative, creative ideas that highlight the process of making, help sharing the makers vision and nurture inspiration. Maker Faire Rome is a great celebration of invention, open to all forms of applied creativity, from the most serious to the most imaginative projects. Exhibit at Maker Faire means high visibility and lots of fun, business contacts and networking opportunities with fellow makers from all over the world. Selected projects will be granted the utmost visibility across different media: web, press and social media.

Prizes and contests

All the projects selected within the Call for Makers are automatically eligible for the following prizes and contests if they match the requirements specified in each regulation.

What are we searching for

  • Projects worth exhibiting: selected applicants will be given a pre-set free booth (table + chairs) inside the exhibiting halls, strategically located so to be visited by the large audience that attend Maker Faire Rome right for the sake of discovering interesting projects.
  • Amazingly entertaining presentations: selected applicants will be given a free room (or a stage) to give project presentation/speech, tell a story, engage the audience in the issue they are keen to discuss.
  • Super cool workshops: selected applicants will be assigned a workshop area where they could hold interactive sessions and engage participants – adults and / or children – in “hands on” activities.
  • Performances: selected applicants will be given a free space (or a stage) for them to perform in creative, technological, robotic, musical, pyrotechnic performance.

Things to know

  • Selected projects will enjoy free participation!
  • Applications will be evaluated by the curators.
  • The standard exhibit includes a schell scheme booth with a table and two chairs, but we also have a dark room for projects using light in a spectacular way; a large drone stage; a water pool; an artificial terrain for rovers. We also have outdoor space of various sizes for larger scale attractions (no booths).
  • For any questions please write to

More ways to participate


3D printing and scanning, Arduino & Raspberry Pi, Art, Artisans & New Craft, Biology, Bicycles, Cities and Mobility, Cultural Heritage, Digital fabrication and CNC, Drones, Education, Energy & Sustainability, Environment, Fabrication, Fashion & Wearables, Food & Agriculture, Games, Hacks, Home Automation, Internet of Things, Kids & Education, Music & Sound, Open Source Hardware, Radios and Vintage Computers, Recycling & Upcycling, Robotics, Science, Sports and Leisure, Steam Punk, Wearable Technology, Wellness & Healthcare


Can I apply with an unrealized idea?
At Maker Faire, visitors want to see physical projects so you should bring at least a prototype. If at the time of your application you don’t have a prototype yet, tell that in the project description and include pictures showing its development status. We want to understand clearly what you’re going to put on your table!

I have multiple projects: should I send multiple applications?
Yes, please: they will be more visible in the web site and we will understand better what you’re going to bring.

We are a group of makers, how can we apply?
If the project was built by a group of people who are not part of a company or an association or another legally recognized entity, one of them should apply to the Call for Makers as an individual. He will represent his group legally, also for the R.O.M.E. Prize. However, in the public information of the project you can put all names within the “Authors” field.

We’re a Fab Lab, how can we apply?
You can submit all the projects you want to exhibit, if you have the legal rights for them (also for the R.O.M.E. Prize). If you want to bring projects by other people (i.e. users of your lab) and you don’t have the full rights on them, just have those people apply separately with their names and tell them to specify they want to be close to your booth. We’ll do our best.

I am a minor, can I still apply?
Underage people cannot apply directly according to the Regulation, so please ask your parents to apply on behalf of you. You’ll name can still be published in the “author” field of the public information.

Can I sell at Maker Faire?
Yes! However you cannot sell or promote product of third parties. The assigned booth is just for you.


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