Call for schools

NOTE: The Call for Schools ended on June 15th.

Are you still in school even though you already have what it takes to be a Maker?

Do you have an innovative project that you’d like to show to the public at Maker Faire Rome 2016?

What are you waiting for? Send us your proposal! The Call for Schools is now open!

Bring your project, we’ll take care of everything else! We’ll give you a table and chairs in one of the Faire’s pavilions; they will be filled with visitors, people eager to look around and makers from all over the world who’ve come to meet you.

The Call for Schools is open to educational institutions belonging to the countries of the European Union (14-18 years of age).
A jury will pick 55 of the most innovative projects which will be hosted during Maker Faire Rome 2016 inside an area dedicated entirely to schools.

Participation is free of charge. We are expecting creativity, passion, ingenuity and inventive work and… your project created on school desks!

But that’s not all: Maker Faire Rome means great visibility, plenty of contacts and loads of fun. All participating projects will be prominently displayed on the Event web site, and our press & media team will introduce them to national and international newspapers, radio and television.

Some examples?

  • The Brain Arm: a robotic arm made using a 3D printer that moves with the “power of thought”;
  • My Way: an innovative cane for the visually impaired;
  • Remember Me: the child safety seat connected to the car and mobile phone that helps prevent “any forgetfulness”.

These are just a few of the school projects that were selected for the Call for Schools 2014.

And the 2015 edition was every bit as interesting:

  • Baby Goldrake: a robot that comforts sick children in hospitals;
  • From Attic to Lab: a project that reprises the classic games forgotten in the attic and brings them back to life with a technological restyling;
  • a Robot Guitar that plays by itself using a large number of servo-motors;
  • Single-Use Drones for Humanitarian Missions capable of carrying rescue materiel with the utmost precision to the site where help is needed.

Have we convinced you? Then all you need to do is to read the RULES below:

  • The deadline for submitting proposals is 15.06.2016Proposals are to be submitted on-line only, by filling out the forms in the designated exhibitors’ area.
  • Proposals must be submitted by a teacher or by the headmaster only.
  • If the project is selected, the headmaster will be asked to sign the contract required to participate in Maker Faire Rome
  • Topics for the Call for Schools:
    > 3D printing
    > 3D scanning
    > Arduino
    > Art
    > Artisans & New Craft
    > Biology
    > Cultural Heritage
    > Drones
    > Education
    > Energy & Sustainability
    > Fabrication
    > Fashion & Wearables
    > Food & Agriculture
    > Games
    > Hacks
    > Home Automation
    > Internet of Things
    > Kids & Education
    > Music & Sound
    > Open Source
    > Recycling & Upcycling
    > Robotics
    > Science
    > Steam Punk
    > Wellness & Healthcare
  • The jury that will select projects for the Call for Schools consists of:
    – Fabio D’Agnano – Executive Co-curator Maker Faire Rome’s schools section
    – Salvatore Giuliano – School manager of ITIS Majorana Brindisi
    – Stefano Micelli – Curator Maker Faire Rome’s schools section
    – Alessandro Ranellucci – Executive Content Coordinator Maker Faire Rome
    – Sara Roversi – Executive Director Food Innovation Program
    – Angelo Bonacasata – School Manager selected by MIUR 
  • Assessment Parameters. Projects that highlight digital-manufacturing processes and have one or more of the following characteristics will be particularly appreciated:
  • 1. new intelligence applied to traditional products or processes (using sensors, 3d printing and new technologies);
    2. profit-making potential;
    3. sustainability;
    4. inclusivity;
    5. interactivity and visitor involvement.
  • Available spaces are limited; 55 proposals will be accepted: 35 for second-level secondary italian schools, 5 for Science and Technology Institutes of Italy, and 15 for Scholastic institutions belonging to the other countries of the European Union (students aged 14-18). If accepted, proposals for project exhibits will be assigned a stand. The stand must be manned for the full three days that the Maker Faire Rome 2016 is open to the public.
  • Participation in Maker Faire Rome is free of charge for accepted projects. Travel and lodging expenses will be covered for one teacher and two students for each project accepted. These expenses will be paid directly by the organisation.We require a teacher to be at the Stand during the setting up and throughout the Faire
  • There will be no reimbursement for any costs incurred for participating in the selection process.
  • Space requirements, special technical needs and risks associated with safety will also be considered in every case.
  • Jury decisions are final. The Jury reserves the right to place projects in the area considered best suited to the proposal’s theme, if possible taking into account any instructions or requests by the submitting party. The Jury reserves the right to assign space to each project adequate for its needs.
  • Project acceptance will be announced by e-mail within 20 days after the Call for Schools is closed. Information relating to the contract and other logistical matters will follow.

…and an amazing  3d printer as award!

Accepted projects can compete and win a 3 d printer offered by our partner DWS.The winning project will  be selected by the same jury  from the Call for Schools.

For more information, contact us at this address:


We’ll be expecting you at Maker Faire Rome 2016!

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