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 “CallS off we Go! 

Calls for Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition 2017  are now open: Makers, Schools, Universities: have a look!

Call for Makers

On 15 June, the Call for Makers opened: this is the call for technology lovers, educators, thinkers, inventors, engineers, authors, artists, chefs, artisans, designers, farmers, researchers, start-uppers – that is, for all those who create and astound with the strength of their own ideas. Makers are people with a strong innovative approach. They create products to bring our society closer to a simpler future within everybody’s reach.

It will remain open until 15 September.

call for Universities and Reaearch Institutes
Call for Universities and Reaearch Institutes

The objective  is to shine the spotlight on innovation, through the spread of digital culture and the development of individual and collective entrepreneurship, by entering the projects of state Universities and public Research Institutes in MFR17. A qualified jury will select the most innovative projects to attend Maker Faire Rome 2017.

It will  remain open until 30 September.

Call 4 Schools
Call 4 Schools

The Call for Schools, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR), is for secondary school institutions in Italy and in EU Member States. A jury will select the most innovative projects to attend Maker Faire Rome 2017, in an area dedicated entirely to schools. In 2016, more than 300 projects were submitted by 274 schools (68 of which not Italian), for 57 stands.

It will remain open until 20 October.

Call’s Topics

The 2017 themes are current, engaging, and numerous: from Industry 4.0 to the Internet of things; from digital manufacturing to handicrafts 4.0; plus Food of the Future; new agriculture-related technologies; smart mobility; recycling and reuse; sustainable construction; robotics; virtual and augmented reality; health and wellness; science and biotech and much more
These are just some of the themes at the centre of the Calls summoning innovators from all over Europe.

Candidacies for the Calls may be submitted exclusively online, HERE.


Calls Outcome: being Maker Faire Rome the centre stage for businesses and innovators that use the new digital culture as a way to face the challenges of the markets, we’d love  makers to show off , in simple terms, the future that is in store for us. 




MAKER FAIRE was created in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2006 as a Make: magazine project. Since then, it has grown to become a large, worldwide network of flagship events and independent events.
Click on the active links to learn more about the history of Maker Faire and the Maker Movement, or if you would like to know how to organize a Maker Faire or create a Campus Maker in the place where you live.
Organized by the Rome Chamber of Commerce, through its special concern Innova Camera, MFR17 aims to refocus the debate on innovation. It is the fair where business, education, and consumers mix to create a magic alchemy: a fair for learning, having fun, and doing business. Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition is the largest Maker Faire outside the United States, and number-two worldwide in terms of number of visitors, with 110,000 guests welcomed to the 2016 edition.