Educational day

The registrations are closed! We have received over 20.000 requests and reached the maximum capacity. 

Even Maker Faire Rome 4.0 edition will start with the Educational Day, the traditional morning dedicated to schools.

The Educational Day is reserved to students of all grades and their teachers after registering on this site. Admission is free.

Schools can visit the fair on Friday 14th October from 09:00 am to 01:00 pm* and discover the inventions created by the makers.

Some inventions are selected by the Call for Schools realized in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.


Some projects presented in the previous editions

  • The Brain arm: a 3D printed robotic arm which movements are remotely controlled by the power of the mind.
  • My Way: an innovative stick for the blind.
  • Remember me: a seat-saving children connected both to  the car and to the mobile phone that allows to avoid “any forgetfulness“.
  • Baby Goldrake: a robot that can provide comfort to hospitalized children
  • From the attic to the lab: a project that make possible to revive the old and classic games thanks to a technological makeover.
  • Robot Guitar: a robotic guitar that plays automatically thanks to a large number of servo motors.
  • Disposable Drones: drones for humanitarian missions. These drones can transport medical supplies at the site where there is any medical necessity. They fly with a great precision and they can land at the precise spot required.

There will be not only schools but also Italian and European universities as well as research institutes that will bring to the event some of their most innovative and interesting projects.

The watchwords of Maker Faire Rome are: meeting, comparison, training, entertainment and interaction.


Information for schools

The Maker Faire Rome Educational Day is Friday, October 14 from 09:00 am to 01:00 pm.

For information:

* (It will not possible to remain after the hours indicated, so we invite the teachers to organize theirselves in order to respect the time limit set)

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