Ready for #MFR17? Let’s see what happened at Maker Faire New York!

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indoor farming, INNOVATIVE coffee machines & sustainable spices and teas: the array of Food Makers who joined the Future Food zone in ny was interesting and diversified! 


Chris Coccagna who developed T-WE TEA

After the Californian experience, last May in San Mateo, and just before our European Maker Faire in Rome, Chiara Cecchini from the Future Food Ecosystem had a stop in New York, filling the Future Food Zone with a selection of the most interesting  Food Makers in the area. Check this out!

The first area was dedicated to the Responsible Food. Ethan Frisch showcased his Burlap & Barrel, a startup that sources unique, beautiful directly from small spice farms around the world. Close to them, Chris Coccagna, a certified Tea Specialist and a tea super-fan, allowed all the visitors to have a sip of one of his teas. He is the founder of T-WE TEA, a San Francisco based hand made tea company.

The second area was dedicated to Education. Vivian T. Lee, a graduate student from Parson’s Design and Technology program, presented milk’Em,a physical play experience on the mistreatment of factory farm animals. Stephen Ritz, an award winning teacher, presented his Green Bronx Machine. He and his students have grown over 40,000 pounds of vegetables en route to outstanding personal and academic performance.They are building Tower Gardens, allowing to grow food anywhere, saving 90% water and space.

The third area was dedicated to Smart Gardening. Bloomengine presented a smart gardening device to help you grow flowers from seed to bloom indoors, while Elaine Kung presented +Farm, a DIY, open source, modular hydroponic vertical farm that enables everyone to build a small farm at home.

The fourth area was dedicated to 3D Printing. Evan Weinstein, a student at the University of Pennsylvania majoring in Mechanical Engineering, created Cocoa Press, a 3D printer that prints in chocolate. Luis Rodriguez presented different kinds of food 3D printing concepts: thanks to his experience with 3Digital Cooks and Pancake Bot showcased with us his pancakes making machine.


You can 3D print delicious chocolate with Cocoa Press!

The final area was dedicated to smart hardwares. Victoria Gregory and Gabe Alba designed, developed, and manufactured Coffee Cookie, a portable, rechargeable device that keeps your to-go coffee hot. Matthew Oswald, winner of the blue ribbon, showcased Mugsy, the world’s first hackable, customizable, dead simple, robotic coffee maker.

All these projects were a great inspiration for the Future Food Ecosystem that now is ready to be part, with its food makers, to the greatest Maker Faire in Europe: Maker Faire Rome (December 1-3 @ Fiera di Roma)!


Famous Stephen Ritz, food maker who developed the Green Box Machine

The Future Food Institute is partnering with Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition 4.0 for the curation of the agritech and food tech pavillon. It is an Italian-based non-profit organization with global horizons that aims to build a more equitable world through enlightening a world-class breed of innovators, boosting entrepreneurial potential and improving agri-food expertise and tradition.