Robot bartender…..nice to meet you!

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Robot and food: something new is coming soon! 


Here’s Mixartista: this machine can install up to 12 bottles and allows the customer to choose the desired cocktail. It’s a kind of robot bartender!


Robot and Food: twenty years from now, a lot of the things that humans do today will be fully automated, especially along the food chain. Technology and automation increase efficiency, empower human skills and shape appealing customer experiences.

At Eatsa, customers can’t see the cooking process: they just receive a warm and healthy meal directly from a fancy window. There is no human interaction. But imagine now to go out for a drink after dinner: you get into a bar, you walk towards the counter, you place your order and in 3 minutes get the new trendy drink. Everything as usual, right? Except that the bartender is now a robot. 

This is not rocket science we might experience in our long-term future, it is reality, right now! 

An example is Mixartista: the robot allows to install up to 12 bottles, between spirit and juice, at the same time. It will alert when one of the installed bottles is about to finish and through a screen allows the customer to choose the desired cocktail.

But there’s more: speaking of “robot and drink” Barbot is a special machine with a room for 5 different liquors that can be combined in any way you want, with an extremely easy web interface. If you think about throwing a party at home, Barbot might be interesting as well: it has a cleaning mode. Cocktails can be chosen using the mobile app, where you can also enable and disable ingredients, change the position, edit the recipes and change the amount of each ingredient.

Are you more in a fancy mood? Somabar is for you. It’s a small machine (19″x11”x15”) with a pretty wide menu to choose from over a mobile app (over 300 different drinks!), where ordering and getting a great drink. And Makrshakr is another interesting option, where you can craft your very own recipe on the app, control the robot in action while its advanced arms craft your recipe and enjoy your drink.

And the poor human bar tender, you might wonder? He will be more a kind sommelier who will take care of our tastes to ensure a truly unique experience, advising us without getting his hands dirty!

A different approach is the one of Foodpairing. Food Pairing is a method for identifying which foods and beverages go well together. It is estimated that 20% of a tasting experience comes from taste, whereas 80% comes from the smell or the aroma.

That’s why Food Pairing focuses on both to enable chefs and bartenders to maximise the tasting experience they offer.



Wanna choose a great drink from over a mobile app? Have a look at Somabar!

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