watchX: multi-purpose wearable

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watchX is a wrist worn multi-purpose wearable that anyone can develop

watchX it’s primarily a wrist watch but It also compatible with Arduino/Scratch/Atmel Studio so that you can program the watch into a completely new device.

From gaming to health monitoring,it can easily adapt to what you need.

Watch’s case can also be 3D printed into any design you want.

It will allow anyone to unleash their imagination and improve their programming skills on the go.


watchX watch UI


watchX on a Drone watch till the end:)


Let’s face it, cables, old development platform, expensive sensors, a breadboard, a power source, more cables… this just doesn’t fit with new generation of developers.

2 main ideas behind the project:

1- Use what you make!

2- Learn Industrial design!

It’s Arduino compatible!

 watchX without Arduino is unthinkable. Being Arduino compatible means that when you plug it to your computer all you need to do is open up your favorite Arduino IDE and start programming!

It’s Scratch compatible!

There is more that you can do than just wishing the best! It is Scratch compatible so that kids can get their hands on watchX easily.
It engages kids a lot because they use what they make!
This drives them to develop next day and increase their excitement!

Result: young happy developers.

Advanced users:

All the low level code and libraries will be provided so that you can focus on your idea.

There are lots of things we can do together!

Do what you can’t!

Great stuffs will come up from extraordinary people? This is not true!! With the right tools and gadgets, anyone can accomplish great things

 watchX will serve for anyone to accomplish:

  • next big thing in wearables,
  • electronics
  • industrial design!

The true potential of this device is within you! 

More info? Take a look HERE

The Call For Makers of Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition 4.0 is awaiting for your project!. The Call is open unitil the 1st October: here for submitting your projects.